Your material, Sarah Kamp

Sarah is an analogue collage artist and lives in Germany.


“Being an analogue collage artist, I mainly use scissors, glue and of course a lot of paper. The paper I use originates from old books, magazines, scraps I find somewhere, or anything else I can get hold of and collect.


I just love creating art with my hands. I like the feeling of paper, cutting, arranging, rearranging and seeing stories come to life. There is something very intuitive and exciting about it.


When I was looking for some kind of self expression, I was instinctively drawn to collage. Paper has always been an accessible medium and offers a variety of options. Rather than striving for perfection, I enjoy the imperfection, rawness and honesty of a handmade collage. Sometimes my desk becomes too small, because I often work on different collages simultaneously and I get absorbed by the process of creating, arranging paper scraps, expressing ideas. Sometimes I have to continue working on the floor. Being surrounded by my paper chaos makes it possible for coincidences to occur – an aspect of working analogously I really enjoy.


I discovered the diversity of paper and I am still discovering new ways of manipulating it. Also, I learned how a single scrap of paper can be inspiring, because it has a certain colour, shape or structure. I like the process of destruction and creation, i like to see how the material behaves when I tear it, what shapes appear, how pieces connect and become something completely autonomous. It fascinates me that browsing through my archive over again never gets boring. But I rather keep discovering and it seems to be a neverending source of inspiration.

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