Your material, Clara Chetan



Clara Chetan  is a visual artist, based in Paris. In this episode of ‘your material’ we learn more about Clara Chetan and her material.


Mastering the art of graphic design

Clara has had a big amount of creative education – from her first painting lessons as a kid up to the renounced French ECV (École de communication visuelle). Not only did she practice the necessary skills, such as perspective and drawing techniques, but she also extensively learned to observe and to improve her artistic culture. This is how Clara became competent in every aspect of visual communication and graphic design. She experimented profoundly while studying graphic design in order to gain experience becoming an art director.


Clara: ‘I always knew I wanted a job related to creation. There was a time I was not aware of the position of graphic designer. It’s a very enriching job which allows me to combine illustration and art undertaking client projects. My primary work is graphic design; my second one is artistic; creation is the link between the two of them.’



“Colors play a major role in my work. I attach great importance in selecting textured papers which are inspiring colorful. It is the same case when I use acrylic painting. I always work with a reduced palette of three main colors. Sometimes, I also use subtle touches of other colors for details. Finally, photoshop helps me to finalize my creation.”


Paper versus painting

Clara: “Colored paper gives me a foundation for my creation. It gives me an initial idea for my creation. It is an accessible and easy-to-use medium that I can bring with me wherever I go. Painting has been a part of my life since my childhood. Painting lessons and my five years ECV graphic design’s studies influenced me considerably. I’ve been able to test various media and my passion for painting has been combined with my love for graphic design.”


Observe your surroundings

Clara: “At first, I was painting classical and realistic paintings. I used to apply the rules so my creations appeared like the models. Today, though, I’ve learned to break the rules, helping me to create my own style. To find the medium that suits best, it’s important to test, to be curious and feel as comfortable as possible, in order to create. Also, you should constantly observe everything around you, in order to find yourself.”

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