What Keeps You Motivated As An Artist?


As an creative it can be challenging to maintain your motivation. So how can you stay motivated when your to-do list runs to three pages, you just received another rejection letter, having to many ideas or you can not relay on others. We enlisted the help of Paula DestefanisKika Pierides and Tavaris Brooks and start sorting through them. The result is everything you need to know about motivation – what movitation means – how your mission can drive you–  how a steady plan helps you further.


Wait, back up. What means motivation? 

It is the process of stimulating people to actions to accomplish the goals. ‘Motivation. That is a big word, but never for me. Art creation is very similar to a physical trait to me.  Breathing, eating, creating, thats how I look at it. I have small periods of time in my life where the lack of motivation has stifled me, and it has always been around tragic moments.  I feel slightly similar to that right now with all world pain. I don’t fret about it, instead I absorb all that is happening.  Thinking and feeling the pain.  I am gathering content that will come to me on the other side as art.’ Says Paula Destafanis.


It is all about the why.

‘In these times more then ever I feel awakened to my purpose – my ‘why’. No Artist’s statement here is just a purpose. I know that my work is integral to mine and my viewers’ wellbeing and this drives me to continue doing everything I can, in any given time frame I may have.’ Offers Kika Pierides


So the WHY drives you?

Yup – this why, my mission drives me forward. That is, particularly in times as these people can get wrapped up in emotional challenges that are beyond their control and they don’t make space for healing by doing or appreciating what they love – spending time enjoying nature.


When do you heal?

‘When I think back to my most joyous moment, it is standing on a balcony in South Africa. The beautiful white columns reminiscent of an idyllic balcony scene from the enlightenment. Surrounding me is the splendour and luscious greenery that encompasses Table mountain as I stand in my jeans and sleeveless lilac Levi’s top, head down – awestruck by a picturesque garden filled with butterflies. It was in this moment that I really came to appreciate the awe, the aestheticism and the total serenity that nature provides – that “pause” from every day life.’ Says Kika Pierides


A pause?

‘Although I live in the city, every day is a day where I create time to pause. Every day I wake up and create collages which commemorate the healing experience of nature through my Artwork. I take the moments I can of beautiful scenes and reimagine them. The emotions I seek to translate are the one’s where I feel uplifted and rejuvenated by nature, through colourful and relaxing collages. Staying true to my mission helps me to stay motivated.’ Says Kika Pierides


And Tavaris, what keeps you motivated?

‘I find that a steady plan helps to keep me motivated and headed in a good direction as a young emerging artist in 2020. I think the first step should revolve around establishing a concentration of work that consistently suggest and develops a visual idea. While creating this concentration of work I also believe its important to create as many study drawings as possible in order to explore different media and concepts. These studies also allow you freedom to deviate from the main concentration.’ Says Tavaris


And when you established a solid body of your work?

I would suggest getting that body of work out into the real wold through local art showcases. I suggest starting local because the connections you make will be more genuine and within an arm’s reach. It is also equally important to establish an online presence (especially through a digital portfolio or website). Sites like Instagram and Pinterest are great for connecting with artist, art-enthusiasts, publishers, and gallery owners. These platforms can also help establish your own unique personality as an artist which is an important aspect of being an artist. All these suggestions will help to create your steady plan and will boost your motivation to achieve your goals and dreams.


In slider art pieces of Paula DestefanisKika Pierides and Tavaris Brooks 

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