What is your dream

Dreams are stories and images that our minds create. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes bizarre. In this episode we spoke with Hanna Rose, Santina Purrun and Seidougha Linus Eyimiegha about their dreams. Share you dream in the comments below. We love to her yours!


A Fair World

‘I dream in a fair world for everyone. My mother is from Syria and my father from Palestine, then I deal everyday with bad news, but from all of this sadness and anger I turn this into a powerful force, then I start to create all the revolt inside of my head. Thereafter, I print my drawings to stick them on the streets of Belgium. Hoping that one day it will stop.’ Says Hanna Rose



The dream of Santina is to share her creations with the world, to help people fall in love with life and be in harmony with one another.

‘ I wish for people to fully embrace themselves for who they are, no matter what.’ Says Santina


Forget about people’s judgements just for a second, and explore your inner world, find the never ending beauty that resides within you, in your whole being.


Creativity comes in many forms, and even though you may think that you don’t possess any special talent, you are a piece of art itself.



‘My dream is to see my art works beyond the walls of galleries and museums.’


She wants them to influence education, how people think, how people dress, to influence the design of architecture, products sold in the market and many more.


Like Nicholas Baume once said, ”Now that our cultural focus is shifting to the value of experiences over object, food is on the spotlight. Edible art is definitely in ascendant.”


I like to teach people to appreciate simplicity and learn to see art beyond the canvas. People should learn to think, pause and rethink every situation and always look for the best and personal way out.


What is your dream? Share your dream in the comments below. We love to hear yours!


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