What Does Succes Mean To You

Success means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Money? Power? Fame? We asked Nico Phooko, Vian Borchert, Clo_Worldart, Riccardo Liotta, Michael Luce, Ana Pais Oliveira what success meant to them to try to help us understand why we do what we do….



Nico Phooko

‘Success means being able to be creative and unique about how I need to have my art recognized and respected in the art sector.I have taken moons ago to paint live on stage with a variety of events and performances to bring art more closer to people who hardly have time for Galleries and Museums and that has proven well and am proud of it as a giant successful step.’ Nico Phooko


Vian Borchert

‘Success to me means looking back and reflecting upon my life and its progress. Looking back at where I was a few years ago, and where I am right now in my art career. In my opinion, success should not be measured by material things, but should be measured by progress. For me the journey of my art career is like a pathway of growth. I ask myself questions such as: how did I grow, what happened this year, what did I gain, what did I learn, am I at a better place than where I was last year. Also, I ask myself what changes do I have to do for going forward in my career. Changes are inevitable in one’s life, and often times decisions taken by oneself or others can determine the destined path you’ll end up on. I try to stay open-minded to the destiny waves that the universe throws in my way, and se e where those would lead me. The latest abstracted ink paintings were inspired by a crimson clover flower field that I discovered in my latest outing adventure taking in nature and its abundant offerings and beauty.’ Vian Borchert

Clo World_Art

‘To me, success means to achieve a goal I have set for myself. You are your own success. Success is also believing you can and learning something new each day. It is also to never give up! Success you worth it ;)’ Clo World_Art

Riccardo Liotta

‘Since art is not quite my profession, for me success can simply be having the opportunity and the time to create artwork. personally, it is especially having the ability to experiment with different compositional mechanism and methods, to work with different mediums, and to learn and experiment with a variety of techniques. when I have the chance to do this, when I can just sketch, draw or paint, I feel I have achieved some sort of success, independently from selling or advertising my work. Similarly, participating in a show or being included in a magazine also mean success to me.’ Riccardo Liotta

Michael Luce

‘Success has many definitions, to me success is how we e manage the challenges that we are face with so we can inspire others. Success is the obtainment of seeking personal excellence for the better of humanity.’ Michael Luce

Ana Pais Oliveira

‘I believe that I am a successful artist: I am not worldwide well known, I don’t have thousands of followers, I do not work with the most influential galleries or curators, I do not participate in top fairs, nor do I have my artwork in the best collections. But I have dedicated my self to painting since I left the school of Fine Arts and, struggling daily, I manage to remain an artist and keep doing what I always wanted to do. I need to paint, I need to be in my studio. Success, for me, is being able to continue doing what I love, reconciling with family life, with two children and with dance classes. I believe I am a happy survivor with the success of being a painter-woman-mother-dance teacher in Portugal!’ Ana Pais Oliveira

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