The essence of using your story and having a solid plan

Webinar about why and how using your story, together with having a solid plan, ultimately leads to more sales.

Fleur Bravenboer

Founder SHC

Using your story and having a solid plan

It gives a feeling of tranquillity when you know what to answer to the question: “What do you do?”. It helps when you can actively, effectively and confidently tell others what you do and why you do it, as this will help others connect with you as an artist. Whether you do this on a small or large scale, the outcome will be the same: a story is shared by an artist where people can associate themselves with and connect to.


We do believe that building relations, knowing your vision, knowing your target group and having a plan will help you to build your brand and ultimately contributes to becoming a flourishing artist.


But how do you do this? That’s a good question and also the reason why we decided to host a webinar about why and how your story, together with having a solid plan, helps to promote yourself as an artist and – ultimately – leads to more sales. During this webinar, we will make sure to provide you with some actionable steps to get you started. 

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