Materials of Liz Doyle

These series are a reflection of the artists’ workflow and the way they use the materials during creating. Artists are surrounded by materials (or in art terminology: media) that help them to create what they have in mind. True artists know their tools from the inside and outside. It’s these tools that provide the freedom to bring their artistic vision to life. In this episode, we welcome Liz Doyle!

Location: Doneg al, Ireland

Expertise: Large textured abstract paintings using cold wax medium.

Unique fact: Exhibited at Mark Borghi Fine Art in Bridgehampton, New York 2018.

Favourite art tool: Squeegee

Favourite technique: Building up multiple layers using a transfer process with baking paper, paint, wax and solvent.


SHC: Can you describe your art in one sentence?

Liz: My art is an expression of my external surroundings and internal emotions in colour.


SHC: What medium or media do you use?

Liz: Oil and cold wax medium on acrylic primed linen or poplar cradled birch panels.


SHC: Why did you choose this type of medium?

Liz: Adding wax to the oil paint gives it a wonderful buttery texture. It also increases transparency and speeds up drying time, which allows for rapid layering and depth.


SHC: What did you learn about this material, since you started using it?

Liz: I love how it’s possible to build up the layers quickly and then reveal the bright colours from the hidden depths. This can be achieved by the use of ‘reveals’ with solvent and scraffito marks.


SHC: Can you share an experience and or situation where the medium came into its own?

Liz: I was able to dramatically capture my impressions of some of my feelings after a visit to the Ceide Fields neolithic site in County May. It resulted in a series of large paintings of some of the stones. The ‘reveal’ technique was perfect for the outlines of the stones.

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