Materials of Alessia Camoirano

These series are a reflection of the artists’ workflow and the way they use the materials during creating. Artists are surrounded by materials (or in art terminology: media) that help them to create what they have in mind. True artists know their tools from the inside and outside. It’s these tools that provide the freedom to bring their artistic vision to life. In this episode, we would like to welcome Alessia Camoirano!

Location: Born in Italy, currently living in London

Inspired by: Yayoi Kusama, Pink Floyd, Lana del Rey, Marina Abramovich, Silvia Plath, Alda Merini, Salvador Dali

Unique fact: Was invited to spend days with a Colombian indigenous population called Arhuacos. Got in touch with her roots, nature, sacred places and art.


SHC: What medium or media do you use?

Alessia: I always use acrylics and pouring medium. I guess those are the primary materials. However, I like to experiment with different media and techniques, like mixing colours with glass, sand, epoxy resin.


SHC: So what about nowadays?

Alessia: Lately, I have been using iridescent acrylics. I studied film and television, so I studied lighting thoroughly. I have always been fascinated by how lighting offers multiple perspectives. Iridescent acrylics help me achieve the constant changing of the light. Lyrics accompany every painting I do. These are extremely important; they are part of the artwork.


SHC: Why did you choose this type of medium?

Alessia: I needed to find a medium that would allow me as much freedom as possible. The fascinating thing about doing fluid art is the number of different images and colours people see in the painting. It relates to how things are perceived. But also being free as a woman. In fact, I donate 10% of my sales to charities which work to help women who suffered from domestic abuse.


SHC: What did you learn about this material, since you started using it?

Alessia: I’ve learned to cope with my mind as well as exploring the infinite possibilities of colour. It taught me to let go. It taught me that I could be whoever I want to be. It gave me a chance to understand my worth and feel confident.


SHC: Would you mind sharing any final thoughts with us?

Alessia: If you are going through a rough time, try expressing yourself with the arts. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling, accept it and try to create something meaningful for YOU. Don’t think about negative critics, don’t think about rejection. Just do what inspires you, what thrives you and especially what sets you free. Experiment, laugh, cry. There is no right or wrong way to be creative.

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