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Sabina Leganaru

Her creative experiences started in her grandparents’ backyard that was filled with dandelions when she was younger. Until this day, this memory symbolises here creativity. Today, we will have a look inside the artistic mind of Sabina Leganaru!


I was born in Horezu, Romania. Horezu is a small city with 7446 inhabitants. My artistic roots are influenced by this small city, which is well-known for it’s a tradition in ceramics. I never went into the ceramics and focused on other mediums.

My creative experiences started in my grandparents’ backyard. My grandparents had this garden filled with dandelions. In spring, the whole garden was yellow coloured. I used to go there and sit for hours with my arms open and feel the grass, the wind, the sun, everything. I just let everything flow through me.

This memory symbolizes my creativity. My creativity flows through me. The garden is my ‘mental happy to place’ which give me input for my creative outcomes.

I started drawing when I was a child. I remember drawing a lot in class. Although I was in a Mathematics-Informatics class, I was silently mentored by my aunt in iconography and later on, I discovered oil painting. I also developed a certain personal ability to perceive colour. At the moment, I combine both worlds. I am an IT manager and artist.

During the years, My passion for arts became stronger in time. I feel that I have a lot to reveal and offer to the world. I permanently think about my projects and how it’s a serious and permanent preoccupation.

The balanced mix of skills and perspectives (analytical and creative) helped me build and successfully manage two IT companies: one in Romania (15 years and running) and one in New York (5 years and running) with clients from home and decor to fashion. I love using my creativity to find original solutions in projects and my analytical side to deconstruct concepts when I paint. It’s a great source of joy and motivation.

Over the years, I have met so many inspiring people. I am really grateful to my mentors: Nubila (Italian artist and professor), Tanvi Pathare (artist and professor at the Florence Academy), Theodora Capat (professor at the Academy of Arts in Stockholm), Ion Anghel and Marcel Bunea (professor at the National University of Arts in Bucharest).

The latest project, called Fleeting Reality created during the pandemic is by far the best project that I’ve been working on.

This series reveals the part that I chose to re-open, hoping to be able to project what I feel, and on which I temporarily hold on. By creating voluptuous strokes on canvases, I want to suggest the importance of the “loaded” space where I live and work. The colours and the contrasts are “singing” my everyday interior feelings, always changing as the fleeting reality.

Styles, technique and materials

I love approaching a subject from different perspectives. This is why I define myself as a two-folded artist. I use both my analytical skills and my emotions to deconstruct various concepts, objects and realities and realign them differently to create a new perspective.

It’s something hardwired in me, having a strong background in both mathematics and art.

I “break things” using my emotions and the surrounding energy, to discover their essence. Then, I release that essence, that energy and spirit, until only the memory of the existing “thing” remains. Sometimes I have to “break myself”, so I can create something and reveal its beauty. I combine different tools and techniques. I add paint, reduce, scrape, rip, rub etc. I am in a constant search to dissolve matter and decipher the fluidity of movement. So, I look and treat every painting differently. Every day I learn more about the materials I use, for instance. I learned a lot dissolving the matter and using its fluidity.

When starting with new works. I have the first phase of research and approach of the subject and theme. I choose the canvas dimension according to the subject and theme. I make a charcoal sketch and then I proceed with applying acrylics as an underpainting. After a few days, I get back to the canvas and continue to work another few days using oil painting. During the oil painting process, I add colour, reduce, scrape, rip, rub and am in a constant search to dissolve matter and decipher the fluidity of movement.

Beliefs and lifestyle

I believe the human condition is reduced to a battleā€”a battle of the within. Or, if it pleases you, you can take on other people’s battles. My purpose is to win my battle. Falling into temptation is a choice. It’s easy, sweet, and it can satisfy even the most exquisite taste, the most trained mind and the most selective eyes. It’s all because you want it. Therefore, I want to be a good mother to my 10-year-old daughter, a good wife and to express myself creatively. To find and maintain that balance.

My 10-year-old daughter gave me a wonderful gift. Giving birth to my daughter, it was like a rebirth of myself. It felt like an upgrade to a larger capability of feeling and a more profound way of thinking and experiencing life. It also brought back my child-like innocence.

I enjoy having breakfast with my family. My days by having breakfast with my family and then I go to work in my painting studio. After a few hours of work, I go to the office for working on my IT projects. In the evening, I get back to the painting studio for another 1-2 hours after dinner. This routine works great for me and gives me the balance to spend time with the family and enjoy my two professions. IT, building software architecture is a great passion for me. In off time I love to spend time with my family, having a walk in the park.


I have a clear view of what I want to create for the future. I want to have a positive impact on others. I want to inspire others with my life story and artwork. I want to continue my meaningful life. I am always looking for spaces and places that carry me in a certain universe of emotions. That makes me feel something. I hope I can live for a few years in Lyon (France) and Rome (Italy). These cities are magical to me. In regards to my art, I like to focus on having an exhibition in Paris and one in London and having at least 3 international galleries.

Curious what Sabina is working on currently? Feel free to visit her Instagram or her website!

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