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In the workplace of

Lars Kempel

Today we meet Lars Kempel in his workplace. Lars is a director, artist and actor. Lars is born in a tiny but beautiful village outside of Frankfurt am Main in Germany. He is a mix between South Korean and German.


Like many other artists, I was doing artsy stuff from the beginning, like drawing, making short movies, acting or writing short stories. Cigarettes and HongKong cinema heavily influenced the early short films I made. My friends and I loved Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. We had no money for gear, so the best thing we could come up with was kicking each other in the face like a bunch of morons. We edited it inside the camera while smoking stolen Marlboros.

During my high school, I realized early on I sucked at math and other school subjects, so there wasn’t a lot of choice for me than becoming an artist or work in the sulfur mines and die an early death.

So I graduated from the renowned HfG Of Academy of Arts in filmmaking as a major and as a minor well… how can I put it… free artistic expression under the guidance of my mentor Eike König. Eike is like the cool big brother you always wanted to have, the kind who hands you a mixtape and introduces you to new music and sneaks you a beer when your parents are not at home.

Styles, technique and materials

I am just not made for a regular office job; I would be fired in a week or hang myself. So I tried to figure out what actually makes me happy most of the time and what keeps me sane. Also, I feel like it is a calling inside of most people that create or gestalt. You cannot help yourself but doing these things like an exhibitionist in the park. I’ve got about 40-50 exhibitions and screenings under my belt so far but who really cares. They range from university exhibitions to magazine publications, to contemporary art museums, or film festivals. When it comes to applied arts, especially in a film as a director, I worked with the biggest sports brands on the market like Adidas, Puma, etc. and athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Thomas Müller etc.

After my graduation (German Diplom…like a Master but longer) I went to London, England to study screen acting under Mel Churcher. And became a listed, professional and unemployed actor in England.

I like to combine things that don’t seem to belong together at first sights like olive oil and ice cream; it´s fucking great try it. Also, my university had next to their practical classes the most theoretical classes of all the German art universities. I believe in education and researching.

So I became a director, artist and actor. The coolest thing about having three jobs is that you have a good chance of not being homeless and make it through the winter. Apart from that, I like to have different channels where I can express my creativity because I often realize certain ideas don’t work in specific fields of art.

Beliefs and lifestyle

People tell me I have a particular style, but for me its constantly moving like two horny ferrets trapped in your pants. When people tell me what they think, their reaction is most of the time an open mouth stares combined with slow nods and the occasional „ooook“. Where I live, people don’t have good access to the fine art world or art theory. Contemporary Art on the countryside is a „Live, Love, Laugh“ sign in your living room, a 40m soccer goal, a drawing of a horse from your cousin who learned how to draw photorealistic over the internet.

So I wouldn’t say I like to define my style and don’t really get my inspiration from other artists. The people that inspire me are comedians and cooks. I look them up on Youtube or through podcasts I’m listening to. I went to a big Basquiat exhibition in Frankfurt a few years ago. I was shocked to see that we work in the same way. He had a TV or music running at all times. He had dozens of VCR tapes laying around… it´s the same concept of Youtube. I need constant stimulation while working.

When I start creating, I start something, I suck at it, I fail, and then I keep going and finish what I started. Don’t listen to your brain saying „that´s a mistake“, or „you suck“, you are doing just fine and mistakes are beautiful and lead you down an untouched road. Just listen to Bob Ross: „We make happy accidents’’.


I live my life in the present, reflect and act accordingly. Enjoying a good conversation, sex, skateboarding, watching dogs doing anything, seeing Anthony Bourdain stuffing his face in a random country. Just a few activities that I enjoy. But mostly I enjoy staring in the fake fireplace. It´s awesome. You stare at a fake fireplace and imagine the world has finally destroyed itself through a massive TikTok. You are out in your cabin in nature and hunt down radioactive elk for food until you die of gout and swollen feet.

Well, apart from staying healthy, I would love to be able to share my art and with more people out there. Art should always be seen. I like that it is in a place where can see it in reality. As simple as that. People should be able to walk towards and away from it. I want people to come really close and maybe (if I’m lucky) accidentally break some of my works so I can scam my insurance for some money.

I am not that focussed on the future. I’m here, and that’s all that matters. I cannot choose the impact I am making that’s for others to create. But I would love to give a positive and uplifting impact.

Curious what Lars is working on currently? Feel free to visit his Instagram or his website!

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