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In the workplace of

Kyte Tatt

The workplace is the sacred universe of the artist. It is where the magic happens, where the gems are created. Today, let’s have a look inside the artistic mind of Kyte Tatt.


I was born in the USA. In 2015 I defected and relocated to my beloved Berlin. There I live in an apartment which is also home to my studio, which I share with my sweet little french bulldog Petunia. I was the first place winner in art competitions through grade school until abandoning competing in secondary school.

Before relocating to Berlin, I lived and travelled in a caravan for nearly ten years in the United States. I worked primarily on farms doing seasonal work. In the offseason downtime, I enjoyed one of my other passions: travelling abroad. During this time of vagabonding, I was in primary involvement in several art projects and communities in the USA. The culmination of my work and experience is translated into my creations today.

Everything is temporary, and the only thing constant is change. During my life, I have lost everything and gained it back time and time again. Nothing stays the same. Each time I lost, I created myself new also. I am just the latest version of my many selves that have gone before.

The most valuable experiences in my life have been living a nomadic life in a caravan for nearly ten years. That had a significant impact on my view of the world and my future. Travelling the world and visiting 22 countries was extremely valuable. Defecting from my homeland and moving abroad to follow my dreams of becoming a professional artist is still proving to be a huge lesson learned in trusting myself. These experiences have shaped me into the person I am today, and I am very grateful for that.

Styles, technique and materials

I am a mixed media artist who works mainly on paper. My materials include acrylic, house paint, watercolour, graphite, charcoal, soft pastel and even coffee. My style is very raw and gestural. It can be characterised as part abstract and part impressionist; part rough and part gentle. I use bold splashes of colour imposed on a mainly monochromatic background that create a foggy representation of my inner and outer worlds. For me, there is no separation between drawing and painting. I love to create from my personal experience as well as to abstract from nature.

How would I describe my art? A raw and gestural expression that focuses on personal feelings and experiences as told through the language of nature, abstraction and metaphor.

I want the message of inspiration and the willingness to be audacious to resonate with the viewer through my expression of the shared human experience. Life isn’t all beautiful or just a walk in the park. It’s often rough and out of focus. Each mark, mistake or intentional, tells a story that composes the larger image. In so, it’s our job as artists in our own lives to use each experience, perfect or imperfect; intentional or not; to paint ourselves a picture of our lives we are happy with.

Creativity, to me, means the process of using imagination to render things into existence or to solve problems. It’s the novelty engine that lives inside of us as humans. We can use ideas and inventiveness to create and shape our existence. It’s what makes gods out of all of us.

The very act of waking up every morning and beginning the work I love gives me the energy for the day. My studio is my sanctuary and brings me life.

For example, this painting was inspired by flowers that have been pressed between the pages of an old book. It speaks of nostalgia, sentimentality and the preciousness of a moment. It’s one’s attempt to preserve the bloom that would otherwise rot and be lost. Using coffee, graphite and acrylic; the colours I chose denote love in the passion of the red and the blushing of the pinks. The yellow so joyful and the violet, melancholic. I feel the overall image doesn’t force the viewer into a place of thinking, but rather a place of feeling something already familiar and shared.

Beliefs and lifestyle

I find most important in my life are the connections with the people I cherish the most. In the end, it’s how much we love and are loved that matters.

My purpose is to inspire others to follow their path to happiness. I wish for others to see and hear my story and to find hope and inspiration for themselves to follow their dreams. I feel I have taken bold risks in both my personal and professional life that tell a story of someone unwilling to compromise with the happiness and goals I set out for myself. I hope that others will feel that they too can be the artist and architect of their world.

I get my satisfaction through my creative process. Nothing is more satisfying than having created something. It’s an itch that continually needs to be scratched. I need to develop and to express myself. Beyond that, it’s the simple things in life that satisfy me; the company of a cherished loved one or friend, a calm and sunny day, fresh coffee, a walk-in nature, cuddling my doggie on a lazy afternoon, a home-cooked meal. These things bring me joy.

My next great passion next to art is world travel. I have visited 22 countries so far and hope to see many more. I love to immerse myself in new cultures and learn about them. My list of visited places includes destinations in North, Central and South Americas; Europe, and Asia. My dream would be to combine my passion for art and world travel and show my work on a global scale.

My lifestyle is tranquil and calm. I spend my days painting in my studio with the company of my sweet Frenchie Petunia. I have a small circle of friends and am not a highly social person.


My future dream is to have my art and story shared with the world; bringing inspiration and beauty to those who experience it; travelling and showing in museums and galleries across the globe.

Right now I am quite happy with my home in Berlin. I would love a home out of the city center and nearby one of our many wonderful lakes. I just would like to be closer to nature. Down the road, who knows?…. I have envisioned myself retiring somewhere in Asia because I love the culture but I change my mind a lot.’

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