Creative process of Mike Pratt

A moment of reflection. We are always curious about the creative process of artists. How did they get to this point? We want to dive into the mind of the creators. The result: ‘Creative Process’, a column featuring artists who offer us an insight in their creative process. In this episode we welcome Mike Pratt!

Location: born in the U.S, grown up in Brazil

Expertise: ambidextrous art or drawing with both hands simultaneously, as well as often not looking

Inspired by: Arthur Rackham

Unique fact: started out as a graphics designer for erotic computer games

Future dream: seeing more original art, perhaps a clear division from photography


SHC: Can you describe your art in one sentence?

Mike: Ever-changing…


SHC: Has your workflow changed over time?

Mike: It certainly has, the more you put into it the more you get out of it.


SHC: How can we see this when we compare your past and current work?

Mike: Regardless of time, there are moments when you clearly are inspired, the trick is working through the times you are not. As I developed the ambidextrous technique more it has become easier and more natural, though without inspiration, technique is pretty dull.


SHC: Does that me an you have improved?

Mike: I believe I have taken some baby steps in the right direction!


SHC: Name one specific event that has changed you as an artist

Mike: Speaking with the philosopher and writer Siggy Franzen was most enlightening.

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