Creative process of Elena Chukhlebova

A moment of reflection. We are always curious about the creative process of artists. How did they get to this point? We want to dive into the mind of the creators. The result: ‘Creative Process’, a column featuring artists who offer us an insight in their creative process. In this episode Elena Chukhlebova.

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Style: Abstract expressionism

Inspired by: Kazimir Malevich, El Lissitzky, Wassily Kandinsky

Unique fact: Elena never sits down to work in a bad mood, because she believes that all emotions are reflected in her work. She believes that art should evoke good emotions because there are so many things in the world that cause bad ones. If she’s tired or if she’s had a hard day, she meditates for 10-20 minutes before sitting down to work.

Future dream: Elena has the ambition to have more exhibitions around the world. She sees herself collaborating with exciting brands, artists and galleries, and of course, she would love to have her work being sold at an auction.


SHC: Can you describe your art in one sentence?

Elena: My art creates lively and surreal worlds.


SHC: Has your workflow changed over time?

Elena: I still sit at the computer and edit photos, but now I pay more attention to creative art processing. Because of quarantine and the pandemic, I have cancelled all my travel plans, and currently, I am processing my vast photo archive. But I believe that new beautiful places, photos, and artwork are waiting for me!


SHC: How can we see this when we compare your past and current work?

Elena: My art was born from my two favourite techniques – digital photography and liquid art. In my photos, I show the real beauty of nature, and with the help of art, I express my emotions and deep feelings. 


SHC: Name one specific event that has changed you as an artist

Elena: The pandemic has changed me as an artist. During this time, I have sorted out my photo archive (and continue to do it), started to work more actively on social networks, and I have been using a lot on my portfolio. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I accepted an invitation to participate in 3 exhibitions, in Milan and New York, and met many interesting artists and portals, including your wonderful project!

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