Together with Camille we designed this sketchbook. Let’s get the sketchbook and support Camille’s brand as an artist.



‘Connecting with your fellow artists, with this world and with your materials. This artwork represents that connection.



50 pieces available


het kunstenaarskind

It is all about connecting. Connecting with your fellow artists, with your materials – even connecting to this world.



This artwork represents that connection.


To me, creating a design always starts with the same question. What will happen? Usually I just grab a couple of random materials and start experimenting. Try to feel the connection between the things I do and don’t know. While exploring different techniques I absorb new knowledge.


Never forget that art is part of a larger process.


I like to see art as one great experiment to which we all contribute and connect. My aim is that this sketchbook inspires you. Just observe it and think: “Whatever happens, happens. I will make compositions on every page. Invent harmonies that normally only exist in dreams.”

Try it out. Try everything! And when a result makes you happy, take it to the next level. Make it the same, but different. Make it darker, lighter, smaller, bigger. Make it colorful, abstract or realistic. Don’t hold back and surprise yourself by applying different techniques.


Pablo Picasso once said: “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”

Let this be yours.



Much love, Camille

Only 50 pieces, Sketchbook, A5, Unlined

The Sketchbook


€14,99 including world-wide shipping

Support Camille. Be connected. Start experimenting. Explore. Enjoy. Try. Suprise yourself. This sketchbook is made by het kunstenaarskind.

Schermafbeelding 2020-05-04 om 11.11.54

Being asked for this project to create a sketchbook cover that inspires artists, is a dream come true! I have sharehumancreativity to thank for my growth as an artist over the past few months. It all started with an invitation to share my human creativity. And now were here! During this sketchbook project I felt very connected to SHC. What began with our vision for this sketchbook has flourished into a great friendship. Helping artists unconditionally, makes the core of this amazing project and I’m very lucky to be a part of it. The support I got from Fleur in this process was amazeballs (with sparkles). She really lifted my spirits every time we spoke and her ‘its a small effort’ attitude gets shit done! This collaboration – based on friendship, equality and a love of art and the story behind it – has given me the confidence to truly believe in myself. 

Camille / Kunstenaarskind

Artist from the netherlands


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