Medium, Simone Florell, Painter

Although Simone lives and works in Berlin, there’s always this recurring dream of a partime-living in the country side aswell. She is an inspired and open minded person, who craves for creativity and artistry – something her work in the advertisment industry could not give her. So she took a different path: the artistic one, which is an open source for much more development and depth.

We asked Simone to give us an insight in her creative mind.


Simone: “During the last few years, in terms of material choice I learned to allow myself to thourougly experiment, to make room and time for this process to complete itself. Choosing a convenient timing for this material journey without having any deadlines or other consuming projects running alongside had been very helpful for me. Also at some point letting go of pre-defined objectives and expectations when it just doesn’t seem to be attainable for loops on end. Coming back to it later and then switching to other paths often proved more fruitful.”




Simone: “I’ve tried out a couple of materials prior to the heavy paper. With wood I wanted to obtain the same effect that I’ve had on paper previously. Painting on wood meant complex material preparation though, including various kinds of chemical coating. So after a couple of wood paintings I soon had come to appreciate a more ‘simple’ material: paper. Ready-made, subtle, silky texture and exactly adjuvant to what I wanted to achieve paintingwise.”




Simone: “Currently I’m working with heavy paper board with matte coating. I found that applying acrylic colour as overlapping colour fields in various opacities works very well on this kind of paper. It shapes a certain heaviness and firmness, which provides the perfect foundation for painting with water-mixed colour, since it withstands curling. Because of the smooth finish of this dense paper, the applied colour can dry on the surface. It’s perfect, because this way the colour texture can be obtained and more depth and livelyness can be created.”


Thank you Simone


More work of Simone, check her website

Photo Credits: Wanja Scholz


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