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A moment of reflection. We are always curious about the creative process of artists. How did they get to this point? We want to dive into the mind of the creators. The result: ‘Creative process, a column featuring artists who offer us an insight in their creative process.


In this episode: Saloméa Diamant 


Location: born in Berlin, currently living in Berlin and London

Style: photography based art.

Artists that inspired me: art is a beautiful minefield so to say. You don’t know where to begin…

Unique fact: I won my first camera in a raffle. Never won something before. And there was it, a beautiful profi camera. That started it all.

Future dream: My art in every major museum would be nice for a start. I am pretty sure I will get to that. Watch me!


SHC: Describe your art in one sentence.

Fabulous! That was a sentence. Albeit a short one. But you asked for it.


SHC: Has your workflow changed over time?

Definitely. But I think that is a natural consequence of ones development as an artist. I do focus more on details than before. I do more series for example.


SHC: How can we see this when we compare your past and current work?

When you look for it, you see it clear as day. My current work has something more conceptional. Not exclusively though.


SHC: Does that mean you have improved?

I should think so. Yes. If I would not have the feeling of an improvement, I would have abandoned art long ago and done some thing completely different. I do not see any sense personally, to do something without improvement just for the sake of doing it.


SHC: Name one specific event that has changed you as an artist

I could not think of any. When it comes to art I am pretty much straight forward. I do notice all sorts of events and what is going on, but it does not affect my art as such.

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