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We experienced this
Late 2019 we started the SHC Instagram and share the stories behind art. Sharing stories behind art brings an art piece alive and empowers, inspires and connects.
During the publications of these stories we speak great artists about their artist’s live. About struggles, dreams, suggestions and experiences. During theses conversations we love to share our knowledge.
We have knowledge on business, a practical mindset and a big love for online marketing.
We have combined our knowledge and experience with support and incentive within our lively community.
This combination brings you a positive flow to become a flourishing artist. We share experiences, work together, put it into practice and support each other.



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Support of team SHC

We speak with a lot of artists who not know how to get more exposure or where to start to in regards to their branding. Losing energy on newsletter, social media or just shooting with buckshot.


We believe that growing your brand as an artist takes a good foundation and plan. 


The foundation of your brand will lead to leads and clients – at the end of the day, a sold piece is the biggest compliment. When your foundation is set, this results in a succesful business and flourishing artist’s life.  Succes can not only exposed in money, but also in less stress, more leisure, letting go, more space to grow. 


We support you – step by step – WHAT you need to do, HOW you need to do and WHY in order to achieve a flourishing artist’s life.

Every, we give assignments, challenges that you can make (in cooperation with others) so you put it directly into practice.


Get inspired, learn from each other, make friends.


Expand your presence, share your art and story through our:


Share your art and story

Special open calls

Let's boost your brand together


Selling together prints of you. We share the revenue.


Sharing knowledge, stories, experiences, successes & inspiration


Launching together a sketchbook.

The Guide

Sharing your art and experiences to help others

Challenges & Learnings

With every challenge and or learning we give you a concrete assignment than you can use to put it directly in to practice (in collab with other members). This give you the opportunity to get inspired and you can learn from other who are doing exactly the same at the same time.

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In our community of like-minded internet artists you can ask questions, share knowledge, celebrate successes and harvest inspiration. This way you get direct feedback from our team and other members who can tell you exactly how they did what you are doing at the time.

In addition, our community is also perfect for finding partnerships. Within the platform, everyone has their own profile, you can send private messages and even start your own groups for specific topics or for members within certain regions. 

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