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The life of an artist is somewhat like that of a butterfly. It travels through different stages, it evolves, it gets reborn. It’s constantly growing – and for this, it needs food. And artists need a very specific kind of food: inspiration, examples, time, practice, and of last but not least life itself. This sounds all-too-familiar to our new guest, Odin Fagerberg from Norway.



Hi Odin! To start off, when did your creative career begin?
I started in 1992.

And how would subscribe your style?
I like to focus on painted abstraction. My art ‘language’ exists between stringent, constructed forms, and intuitive, expressive deconstructions.



Comparing your work of 2014 and that of 2020, we notice that early ones have a looser approach. Would you agree?
Yes, in this sense I feel that the earlier work displays a far looser approach to composition than the later work does. An architectonic quality has entered the later work as a means of reconciling the constructed, deconstructed, colorful and biomorphic forms within the composition.



Yet, they are still created by the same artist.
Right, that’s why some things remain unchanged, like the haptic and textural dimensions. They are equally prominent in both the earlier and later works. But the way in which I express my visual abstractions in my more recent work has acquired a deeper, more confident quality, compared to the older work.


So looking back, would you say your art has progressed, evolved?

I don’t believe in the idea that my work progresses, that it’s constantly improving. I do believe that the work evolves and grows continuously. Just in the same way that I do as an individual in the world. As I grow older, the way I perceive life around me slows down, acquires more nuance. I comprehend the world with a broader life-experience and this insight is reflected in my approach to art making.

And what do you think influenced those evolvements?

Life itself, and being alive. That is a constant inspiration to me and my creative expression. It is an ongoing fire in my soul that I need to capture, distill and abstract into my art making. I never want my art to impose itself on the viewer but rather to be, if possible, a mirror for reflection, growth and exploration.



Thank you Odin


More work of Odin, check his instagram 

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