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A moment of reflection. We are always curious about the creative process of artists. How did they get to this point? We want to dive into the mind of the creators. The result: ‘Making Process’, a column featering artists who offer us an insight in their creative process.



In this episode Nicole Kerps. Nicole creates analogue collages, in which she focuses primarily on human faces. She rips and cuts out motifs from old magazines and combines them into new ones. Talking about a sustainable way of creating art!




SHC: What changed between the 2013 art piece and the current art piece?

Nicole: The most important difference compared to the past, is that I am now braver. I dare to show imperfection in my collages. I never would have done that before. As you might notice, the ‘old’ collages used to be full. Today, I stick to my own style as much as possible. For me it’s important to be recognized among the large number of wonderful artsts. I am really grateful that I found my own style. I once was told: ‘Your collages are so unique, I immediately recognize they are yours.’ This is of course a great compliment – whether the viewer likes my collages or not. People will always argue about taste, therefore: have the courage to try things out and find your style.

SHC: Looking back, what is the main improvement in your work?

Nicole: My largest improvement is that I can now do more with less. I need less matieral to create something. As you can see, I used to put lots of snippets together into one picture. Today my pictures sometimes consist out of two components.


SHC: What experiences influenced your style?

Nicole: Defenitely observing the work of other collage artists. I love scrolling through Instagram and finding new great artists. I don’t try to compare myself and of course I don’t want to copy anyone, but I think that you can learn a lot from each other. By the way, my first collage was inspired by the collage artist Gabi Trinkaus. I still remember exactly when I first discovered her collages online. I immediately sat down at my desk and felt inspired by her.


SHC: Best advice you have received?

The advice of my professor. She has always encouraged us to show our work. Back then I didn’t stick to it because I was just too insecure. But I am working on it more and more now.



Thank you Nicole.


Do you want to see more of Nicole? Check her instagram.



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