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Meet Katie B Temple, a mixed media artist from USA. And no, by mixed media we don’t mean television channels and news papers. In art, the medium is the material a particular work is made of.



Now with Katie, things get really creative. As mentioned, she is a mixed media artist, meaning her work is an exotic mix of 2D media. Think graphite, watercolours, inks, acrylics and gouaches on paper.



With those media, Katie paints empty houses. Whether for sale, for rent, foreclosed or abandoned, one thing they have in common: they are completely without any people or objects. These homes are in a transitional waiting period, which is a very organic uncertain condition.



Katie: “I have moved 16 times in my life. Moving means you have to pack your entire physical life into cardboard boxes and physically move them from one another. I found it wonderful how this reflects my choice of material. I use paper because I wanted a type of material that would give me the freedom to be organic and experimental. I did not want anything too permanent or that I could not easily paint layers over.”



She tends to use water-based media, because depending on the amount of water she adds, she can have the exact amount of control she wants. Sometimes it’s the artist who’s in charge, sometimes the material makes its own decisions.



Katie: “This works for me really well in combination with paper. People always ask why I paint on paper instead of right on the panel. It’s simple, I just love the way the paint is absorbed into the paper. It means I can playfully layer colours on top of each other.”



Currently, Katie is trying to loosen up her style a little bit, so she can add more texture and personality to the homes she paints.

Katie: “I learned that the more open minded and experimentally you pick your media, the more you can learn about it.”




More work of Katie, check her website


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