Medium, Daria Mezhakova, Visual Artist

Daria was born in Kazakhstan, when it was still a part of the Sovjet Union. She and her family lived in ceveral cities of southern Russia, since her parents had to move there for their work. Daria finished my educations in Nalchik – regular school, but also art school.


Daria: “Everything somehow resulted into creativity. For example, my dad painted and as a child I admired those paintings of him. Being an architect, my live consists out of paralels between the internal, external… space, design, color, light and form. That’s how I entered the world of digital art.”


“My art comes alive in digital performance. It’s a kind of collage using made sketches, photographs of interesting details and views. They are taken from every day situations, as long as there is a mood and a thought, an idea, a reflection of reality as I see it.”


Daria Mezhakova

While working in project organization, Daria took a ‘Photoshop for Architects’ course, in order to create beautiful modern building facades through this program. But at the same time, it opened up a different world of perception and unlimited possibilities of conveying her ideas and impressions.


Daria: “This was the moment the new name ‘mezha_unique’ was born. All the subtleties and details, all refined moments that can be reflected through an image are very important. Slowly, everything began to take shape in one single file, full of layers that harmoniously combined with each other.”

Many years of travel between European cities played a huge role in Daria’s art. In every new city, she visits museums of modern art, as well as all kinds of biennales.


Daria: ‘‘At these moments of inspiration, my inner voice tells me: ‘you can do it too, this is the time for the manifestation of mature creative ideas.’ So began the process of creating and embodying my art.’’

“Creativity is about listing to your own voice. It can be drowned out by denials and disbelief, by others’ assessments, but it is precisely at these moments that you need to continue to do your job, continue to express yourself, look for something new. The product is born during the process. You have to understand that there will always be two sides of perception, those who like and those who do not like. Objectivity does not exist – because everything is ingenious and unique, because it is part of the expression of your «I am».”


Being an artist with fresh ideas gives Daria a feeling of freedom from the first scratch.


Daria: “You can try new tools, follow your instincts and reach out to your unique style. Studying is a constant process for me. If you decide to live by art, you can learn something new every day. Today, the sources of information are countless. All of those can improve the level of skills and mastery. I took my first little creative steps at a children’s art school, I grew up and entered the Institute of Architecture – this personal evolution happened very gradually. But of course each has its own way.”


Artist: Mezha_unique

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