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Bastien Meyrat lives in the French part of Switzerland, in a small town called La Chaux-de-Fond. Art has always played an fundamental role in Bastiens life.



“I was a good student, but I wasn’t interested in studying too much. I was mostly interested in art. So after university I chose to go to culinary school and combine my passion for both art and culinary.”

But first Bastien had another mission.



“I was and still am a practitioner of combat sports, and when I was 16, I became really good at kick boxing. So for a moment I considered doing it professionally. Unfortunately I had a complicated fracture in my face, and had to give up. After that I decided to pursue the only artistic job that guarantee a steady income, I became a chef.”


Bastien started painting at an early age. His grandfather was a skilled oil painter and he was his biggest influence.



“As a teenager I discovered graffiti and got hooked immediately. I painted a lot, and often illegally. In 2003 I started painting on frames, like I still do to these days.”

“My primary material are oil paints, acrylic markers as well as alcohol based markers. As for the media, I use frames and papers. I use the oil paints particularly because of to the high pigmentation, but also because they don’t dry up that easily during the painting process. Having a graffiti background, I’m very familiar with acrylic markers.”


“I want the frame to be part of the art piece – it’s somewhat similar to graffiti, but instead of spraying it on a wall, I do it on the glass in the frame. In graffiti, the wall/background is as valuable as the graffiti itself. So I’m trying to implement that in my work: the frame is the wall. So my markers on the glass behave like a spray on the wall – they don’t allow for any mistakes.”

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