Material of Julia Syn 

These series are a reflection of the artists’s workflow and the way they use the materials during creating. Artists are surrounded by materials (or in art terminology: media) that help them to create what they have in mind. True artists know their tools from the inside and outside. It’s these tools that provide the freedom to bring their artistic vision to life.


Julia Syn was born in Russia and is currently based in Europe. Her style can be described as Fantasy.


Unique fact: has worked for private collectors

Favorite art tool: oil paints, acrylic, brushes, canvas

Favorite technique: any technique that involves fingers


SHC: could you describe your art in one sentence?

Julia: It’s whimsical and thought-provoking.


SHC: What medium or media do you use?

Julia: I use mostly oil paints, canvases and brushes. But at the end of every work I use finger techniques.


SHC: Why did you choose this type of medium?

Julia: I find oil paints very comfortable in use, as they don ‘t dry instantly. This gives me the opportunity to plunge into the art process without being in a hurry.


SHC: What did you learn about this material, since you started using it?

Julia: Oil painting on canvas is a long process which consists of many various stages. Oil paints are profound, sustainable and bright, but you need to put a lot of layers to achieve the result needed. So it can take months before you can present your art piece.


SHC: Can you share an experience or situation where the medium came into its own?

Julia: My artistic path as a professional painter began at the age of 15, when I started dealing with oil paints and canvases. There have been many challenges and hesitancy during these years. However, I never stopped practicing, which brought me to this magical world of Fantasy style. In fact, I found that whimsical art is an eternal source of ideas for me. Its uniqueness, humour and extravagance fit my character. So Fantasy style became my preference.

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