Making Process, Veronica de La Fuente, Painter

A moment of reflection. We are always curious about the creative process of artists. How did they get to this point? We want to dive into the mind of the creators. The result: ‘Making Process’, a column featering artists who offer us an insight in their creative process.



In this episode Veronica de la Fuente. After working for many years in clinical research (as a phD in science), then managing an antiques gallery in Paris, Veronica finally decided to devote herself to Arts, what she has always cherished and been familiar with since she was a child. Veronica’s favorite style is is figurative, with a preference for oil painting and portraiture. Sometimes she tries still life, animal or landscape representations, using photographs, always in a realistic style and with different media.


SHC: What represents the first painting?

Veronica: The first painting, made in 2014, represents a totally imagined landscape with a small village in the distance, under a slightly cloudy spring sky.

The rendering of fields, crops and hillsides, made of small vertical solid touches – as seen on certain paintings by Gauguin, Cézanne or van Gogh – is restored thanks to gently applying brush strokes, a mix of lightness of the touch and execution.

Despite a limited chromatic palette, the aim was to catch the morning light and capture the clarity of the air in this simple bucolic landscape.



SHC: What kind of feeling did this painting give you?

Veronica: I felt quite happy at that time, because I managed to create a certain decorative effect, but now I realize that it was too quickly executed (for instance, the tree in the foreground).


SHC: How about the second one?

Veronica: It’s a painting completed at the end of 2019, showing an urban view. This one was created as part of the 800th anniversary of Notre-Dame d’Amiens Cathedral and an upcoming exhibition. The cathedral, a true gem of French gothic art, is considered to be the most complete religious building in Europe in terms of height, volumes and architectural elements.


SHC: Why did you choose the Amiens Cathedral?

Veronica: The Amiens Cathedral has a special meaning for me because I got married there, in its choir, which I consider a real privilege. I wanted to honor this magnificent building by making the most beautiful oil painting. I managed to find an interesting photo on the Internet, taken from the Bélu wharf, the ideal spot for tourists. This view is perfect because it shows, from a lower perspective, the tangle of houses and buildings positioned in different levels.


SHC: Looking back at the painting process, what do you realize?

Veronica: At that time, I did not realize the difficulty of the task. I had to give the fairest and most realistic representation possible. My work took 1,5 month, I had to paint without haste, by meticulously respecting the scale, the colors and the details on the cathedral, to produce the expected satisfying result. This last work is the result of a greater maturity in painting, enriched in particular by numerous visits to museums, in Paris and abroad.


More work of Veronica de La Fuente


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