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Laying the foundation for your creative career

If you are interested to learn how to authentically present yourself to others and create a solid plan as a visual artist, this is the perfect course to start doing so.

This course is built on theory and actionable exercises in digital workbooks & videos, offers 1:1 coaching and provides you access to an exclusive community of peers.

Why having a foundation for your creative career is important

Not being able to authentically present yourself to others, not having a concrete plan or having an unclear direction will not benefit your creative career. However, you may have the dream to have a sustainable creative career. Therefore, it is of great importance to have a solid foundation if you want to grow as an artist. This foundation gives clarity in the decisions you make for yourself, but also provides clarity to your audience.

It is of great importance that you can actively, effectively and confidently tell others why you do what you do and how you do it. These are the ingredients for your story, which you should communicate consistently – both online and offline. Dare to convey your mission and be yourself as an artist. Go from no plan or a vague plan to a concrete one and take action.

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What you will get


modules that are filled with theory and actionable exercises


videos that you can watch back anytime you want


virtual 1:1 coaching session that you decide when to schedule

access to the online learning environment

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for all visual artists who are either beginning their career, but also for the ones who are more established but want to go back to the basics. The course is completely in English, and transcripts are provided.

Should you recognise yourself in any of the points below, then this course will help you overcome that barrier:

Go from no plan to a solid action plan in four online modules.

What you will learn

Course curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction

In this module, we will tell you about the goal of the course, my role and the expectations. Together we will explore why a clear story is important and how it makes you unique. We will write your story by completing the assignments that can be found in the workbook. From there, we will talk about authenticity over originality. Lastly, you will receive an affirmation every week to create a mindset shift of which the use will be discussed into depth.

Module 2 – Research

During this module, we continue to research your story. We will zoom-in on who you are, what your core values are, what difference you make for your customer, and you will find out where your story connects with that of your ideal customer.

Module 3 – Development

In this module, we will bring together all assignments, answers, thoughts, inspiration and motivation of the previous few modules. With this information, we will be creating a tagline, mission statement & artist statement. From there, we will develop a one-page business plan and start pitching your story to the outside world.

Module 4 – Implementation

For the last module, we start by reviewing the channels we use where we (can) communicate our story. Once we have done this, we will look into what kind of goals or projects we can set up to improve our brand and create a strategic planning. Last but certainly not least, we will learn to celebrate our successes.

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Meet your coach

During the last few years, Fleur Bravenboer has been helping creatives to reach their potential and find their way to realise their creative dream. Back in late 2019, she started a platform for artists to tell their story behind their work: Share Human Creativity. Throughout this process, she learned much about artists, but also about opportunities on how to develop themselves.

Fleur is a person who truly believes in someone’s passion, who asks you questions and gives you the right words to sell yourself. By combining theory, exercises and personal contact, Fleur gives you the tools to get to know yourself better, give power to your story and create a solid foundation.

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€241 (incl. VAT)

Possible to pay in one go or in three installments.

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When does the online course start?

Upon purchasing the course you get access within 24 hours. From there on you have lifetime access to all course material and the online community. With all course material being available for a lifetime, you are able to review content and study at your own pace.

Is this for me?
The training is made for ambitious creative entrepreneurs, who want to grow by starting to communicate more clearly and have a solid plan to attract more customers and flourish as an artist.

How much time do I have to invest?
It is advised to spend approximately 4 hours per module per week. This obviously can be longer or shorter – depending on yourself! In the end, you receive lifetime access, so you can follow this course on your own pace.

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