How do you get inspired?



The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

This episode of The Guide, we dive into the topic: inspiration.


We talk to Tandy Pengelly, B K Dhillon, Evan Court and Rita Andrade about inspiration and ask them: How do you get inspired?


In every little thing around us, in every event, person and emotion, there is beauty, there is meaning, and a story behind it.  


And if we ignore our prejudices and let go of judging and comparing, we can find a source of inspiration in almost anything. For Tandy is people a great inspiration source.



I have always been a people watcher, an observer.’ Says Tandy

She is  a Nature English speaker living in France. She observes people and situations on a much deeper level, because she cannot trust the ability to read a situation by language. She has learnt so much by relying on gut instinct. ‘I listen to the feeling that arises within me. I then bring that to the canvas, remembering the feelings that were evoked within me.’ Says Tandy


Never short on inspiration.

‘I started making art around 7 years ago and since then I have never been short of inspiration, sometimes may be short of time.’ Says  B K Dhillon


His art grew based on where he lived, what he saw, heard or watched and the changing sessions. Words are his lifetime love and my fine artworks are based on these words.


Evan Court agrees on this. Inspiration surrounds us at all times.’ I believe that making work relating to issues or themes you truly care about prevents one from ever running out of inspiration.’



In case of Evan, he choses to make work that directly comments on the issues he sees within our world and society. He cares about these issues personally and inspiration for his artistic practice is always available.‘


‘I am not making artwork for the sake of making art, I am making artwork as a extension of my own existence. This same outlook I feel could apply to anyone wishing to find inspiration within their practice. Find what things you truly care about and make work about those things.’ Says Evan Court


Changing Enviroment

Once BK Dhilion moved to an appartment that used to be a factory and I noticed that got influenced by the style of Mondrian – straight lines, geometrical shapes and primary colors. At a moment, these geometrical figures changed into curves, what he loved even more.


We moved after a few years to a new place. A place surrounded with trees. ‘I started making landscapes with forests and mountains. The hint of green around me was enough to bring memories of green mountains.’ Says BK Dhilion


 ‘Since the lock down I started observing life in a new way and what surrounds us. I am working on paintings which copies Hiroshige’s prints from 19th century Tokyo.’ Cities, trees, water, greenery and a sky.




‘I get inspired mostly through music, Pink Floyd more precisely!’ Says Rita


She considers herself as a ‘political’ artist who paints her world and what she thinks that should be shared, and so does Roger Waters, ex member of Pink Floyd.


It is not only music.’ Having conversations with people who are struggling in life helps me to get inspired for my Palenstianian paintings.’ Says Rita


Listen to Music and talk to people!


Question for you: How do you get inspired? Please scroll down and leave us a comment, share your thoughts. We really want to hear from you.


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