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Sometimes, we wish there were more hours in the day. Unfortunately, we can’t control time. What we can control is our productivity. Being cautious with how we spend our time is vital to getting more done during the day. Waking up earlier, meditating, creating daily to-do lists — there are a number of ways to make the most out of every minute. We spoke with Manuel Pablo Pace and Rúben Gonçalves about how they get things done and how they control their productivity.


Art production is all about discipline

‘I believe that, in a way, art production is all about discipline. I like to keep a studio routine and that helps me produce more than I would, normally. I go to the studio every day with a cup of tea or a coffee and spend at least 2 hours there, even if I don’t paint, because I believe that, even when I just going there and expose myself to my own work and think about it, I am still being really productive. This work routine allows me to produce as much as I do and to evolve my work to different places because on those days that I just contemplate and rethink my own production, ideas flourish in those hours that, theoretically, are not productive.’ Says Ruben


Never stop getting things done to achieve the goals. Yes – it’s sounds easier than it is. We spoke with Manual and he never stop getting things done and finding a way how he like to present him self. It’s all about the mindset. For instance, as for the sale, it can take place when you least expect it: it can take place in the gallery, an internet commission…


‘Over the years I have created a brand through the web, telling what lies behind the scenes, telling me. They know me for the artist who always walks in the woods in the company of a dog. The work of art is only the last tip of the iceberg.’ Says Manuel



Step by step. Break your end goal in to small steps. ‘Everything comes first from chaos, and then magically order.’ Says Manuel. Think big, and start small.


When you are starting with a to do. Manuel does a deep analyses on himself – joke 😉 . He always analyses himself: who I am, what do I, how I do it, Why I do it. Sounds simple 😉


This helps you to get more productive because you know the reason why you are doing things.


Some more tricks from the SHC team:

1.   Wake up an hour earlier – By setting your alarm an hour earlier than usual  you get an extra hour of uninterrupted and peaceful work time.

2.   Make a to do list

3.   Do the hardest task first

4.   Clear off your desk

5.   Set up a system

6.   Start saying no



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