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What does Fleur

Next to Share Human Creativity, I help artists one-on-one to become more known in the market

What does Fleur

Concept creation and consultancy

I work collaboratively to deliver the best ideas. Relying on experience and knowledge of what works – while remaining at the forefront of the industry – I find the insights and use imagination to create the extraordinary.

What does Fleur

Strategy Development

Through a mix of communications, marketing, digital platforms and leading portals or brands, I develop integrated strategies tailored to each client. I break down goals, map out each step, and continually assess and adjust to enhance the success of every campaign. By strategically engaging with the right audiences over time, we earn lasting trust and longstanding loyalty for our artists.

What does Fleur

PR, Social Media
& Marketing

I will make sure the world knows your story. I offer a full range of promotional services, covering traditional media like TV, radio and print and new media like online, podcasts, social media and influencers.

What does Fleur


I will make sure your sales increases. I develop a sales strategy tailed to each client. I can conduct sale call and can make sure deals will be closed.

Share Human Creativity

Online course

Get to know how you can actively, effectively and confidently tell others why you do what you do and how you do it. Learn how to convey your mission and how to be yourself as an artist. Create a solid plan and become a flourishing artist!