Creative Process Of Vian Borchert

A moment of reflection. We are always curious about the creative process of artists. How did they get to this point? We want to dive into the mind of the creators. The result: ‘Creative Process’, a column featuring artists who offer us an insight in their creative process.


Vian Borchert is a painter based in Washington DC Area. Her style can be described as abstract expressionism.


Inspired by Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Claude Monet, Louise Bourgeois, Richard Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebaud, Hasegawa Tohaku, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Anse lm Kiefer

Unique fact is represented in galleries in NYC and in LA. Had her debute exposition (based on her first love, fashion illustration) at the InterContinental Hotel’s Gallery in Amman, Jordan

Future dream being alive to see a retrospective of her work at the MOMA



SHC: Can you describe your art in one sentence?

Vian: Expressionistic.


SHC: Has your workflow changed over time?

Vian: Yes, in the recent years I have been prolific in my production creating around 80 to 100 works on canvas, and hundreds of works on paper, such as watercolor and drawings. In the past 2 years I have had around 4 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in major world cities.


SHC: How can we see this when we compare your past and current work?

Vian: My painterly style of work has evolved in the recent years due to the number of productions and the themes explored in the exhibitions I have been in. One can see that the artwork is consistent with the artist’s touch, and the viewer can also see the progress and the evolved ideas from one work leading to another up to the latest work.


SHC: Does that mean you have improved?

Vian: Yes, improvement has happened due to the workflow and the consistent artwork production throughout the years.


SHC: Can you name one specific event that has changed you as an artist?

Vian: My father’s heart attack a few years ago (fortunately he survived it) shook me to my core and made me reflect and recalculate my life and its direction. Moreover, this situation led me to take my talent and my dreams and be more immersed in the creation of art and contributing my art expertise within my community and with the world.

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