Creative process of Eroica 

Eroica is born in Asturias, Spain. In 2015 she moved to Berlin, which today she still calls home.


Artist’s who inspired you?

‘Even though it might be hard to notice in terms of style, I feel very influenced by surrealist and expressionist painters like Leonora Carrington, Jean Michel Basquiat and Franz Marc. I love animals, doodling and surrealistic things.’


Can you share a unique facta bout you?

I don’t know what makes me unique, maybe the fact that I feel my works are never finished. Sometimes I think I’ve finished a painting or drawing, but after three years I might think “no, it’s not done, I have to add this and that.” Somehow I like that because I gives me the impression that my works are moving forward with me.


What changed over time?

‘I used to be very focused on the result, and sometimes could be very impatient. Nowadays I’m more focused on enjoying the process, each line, each dot. I take my time to see the artwork progressing. It is not only meditative and positive for my mind, the results are always better.’


‘I love observing. Whatever – things at home or outside. – any kind. I don’t mind if they move or not. I look at them and start thinking on how to make them mine.’


What influenced your style?

‘I started painting when I was a child. It was actually my mother’s wish. It was during my teenage years when I started to approach art as a form of interaction with the world. The world provides me with information, I translate it into my art and put it back into the world. When I was a teenager, I used to have a lot of negative emotions and my works were much darker than they are now. I barely used any colors and the srtokes were somehow aggressive and imprecise. Now I’m handling my brush in a much more fluent way, still not very precise, but more balanced in some way.’


What have been your greatest improvement?

‘The way I approach the work. Without rush. Enjoying the process. Trying out new things, observing. It does not only make my works better, but it enriches the whole experience.’

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