It has been a great joy to create ‘The Artist Retreat’, a workbook for artists, in collaboration with Share Human Creativity.  SHC shares stories behind art to inspire, empower and connect artists all over the world. I find this mission very important, and I feel honored to contribute in this way. Thank you for your trust in me and for giving me so much freedom in the process of creating this workbook!

Merel Hegenbart

Photographer from The Netherlands

Limited edition, only 25 pieces available

The Artist Retreat

The Artist Retreat is meant for all artists. From painters to musicians to photographers and everything in between. May this book be your retreat. Let it release you from routines and invite you to playful experimentation with your art. 


The challenges in this book will lead you to have a moment of creative reflection on your work. May this book be a place of rest, a place where you can dive into with an open heart and mind.

€14,99 (excl. VAT)