Material of Christina Liadeli

These series are a reflection of the artists’s workflow and the way they use the materials during creating. Artists are surrounded by materials (or in art terminology: media) that help them to create what they have in mind. True artists know their tools from the inside and outside. It’s these tools that provide the freedom to bring their artistic vision to life.


In this episode Christina Liadeli


Where are your from? Germany / Greece

Expertise & (if relevant) style textile designer and digital artist

Unique fact got her masters degree at Reutlingen University in Fine Art, Conception and Design. Gets inspired by memes.

Favorite art tool Brush and Pencil, also all digital Brushes.

Favorite technique a combination of traditional Sketches and Photoshop


SHC: Can you describe your art in one sentence?

Christina: My art is as mad as me.


SHC: What medium or media do you use?

Christina: For my digital Drawings or Illustrations i can use only Photoshop and Illustrator or I combine my classical hand drawings with Photoshop. You can also start yo ur artwork with a digital sketch, but i still prefer drawing on paper, than scan it and finish everything with Photoshop.


SHC: Why did you choose this type of medium?

Christina: Working as a textile designer gave me new opportunities for digital art! I belong to the generation that was the first to grow up with computers. Even during our studies, it was extremely important for us to be very fit in the digital artistic field. Photoshop and other digital drawing programs enable completely new ways of approaching art or approaching your own ideas. In a time when you have “no time”, you can quickly capture every thought and idea even on your smartphone, without a sketchbook and paper.


SHC: What did you learn about this medium, since you started using it?

Christina: You learn new Photoshop skills every single day. Wheter it be textures, making your own brushes or making new layers. You can turn your own classic handmade drawings into awesome digital Illustrations or digital paintings. I also like making stencils with Photoshop, then use it for acrylic paintings.


SHC: Can you share an experience and or situation where the medium came into its own?

Christina: My own feelings, slight exaggerations, surrealism and always a little sarcasm are reflected in my work on current topics. I try to break the too severe seriousness out of situations. There is always a wink in my work. I deal with various works, digitally or by hand, data protection, surveillance, digitization, fashion, Kafka, home, corona pandemic, toilet paper. I try to meet the Zeitgeist in my work. I also try to hold up the mirror.

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