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Every week I share the story behind Share Human Creativity. My name is Fleur Bravenboer and I am the founder of SHC. The picture above is a painting of me. Made by my sister a few years ago.


It all began with an idea. I’ve always enjoyed visiting museums and galleries, but everytime I ended up having the same question. I wanted know the artist’s story behind the work. Sadly (for me, at least) museums usually only provide factual information, such as sizes and materials. But in order to bring the piece alive, the story behind the art needs to be told. That’s why, late 2019, I started the Instagram account Share Human Creativity. With this account I collected the greatest stories behind art.


Through this instagram I am having the greatest conversations about artist’s lives.


As an enterprising person, I’m constantly in search to improve, create business opportunities and find the right target group. I’ve always had a passion for selling, and finding ways to convince people. Lately I’ve been talking to a lot of artists who do not know how to build their brand or where to start.


Things like wasting energy on newsletters and social media, or just randomly firing shots in the dark, are not efficient at all. I believe that growing your brand as an artist takes a good foundation and plan.


And no, I don’t mean you should end up as a typical saleslady or salesman but I do believe that building relations, knowing your vision, knowing your target group and having a plan will help you to build your brand and become a flourishing artist.


Last month, we supported Camille to build up and expand her brand. We created together a sketchbook. Launching will be the 5th of may.


In May more opportunities, open calls and support SHC tools will be launched.


Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions in regards to building a brand as an artist. I love to help you and please feel free to send me an email via:


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