The Story Behind SHC #2


Every week I share the story behind Share Human Creativity. My name is Fleur Bravenboer and I am the founder of SHC. The picture above is a painting made by me.

This C-crisis… it has an impact we could never have foreseen. Many friends lost their jobs. Freelancers lost clients. This crisis has not only financial consequences but there is also the fear of getting sick. And our physical connection to other people is no longer available to comfort us.

I lost my job as well due the corona virus. I have always worked in the cultural and hospitality industry as an entrepreneur and development/sales manager. When I got the phone call of my new manager, I immediately knew what kind of news I was about to receive. “We are really sorry but you can not start your new job. We need to cancel it.” The first few hours I felt scared, worried, broken, but I got myself together. I turned this around.

The time had come to build my biggest dream: helping people reach their potential and find their way in their creative dreams.

I can imagine that you are feeling scared, worried or broken too. Know this: you can turn this around. You can take control over many aspects of your life. There are opportunities available to you – opportunities you can generate for yourself. But it’s impossible to grow coming from a place of fear. You cannot find solutions in a worried state of mind.

The most effective thing to do right now is to get your mind into a state of calm. And there, you can create. You can solve problems. You can find answers.

Here’s my calm down recipe:
– Stop checking the news
– Let’s get some fresh air
– Stop talking about corona
– Focus on the positive events in your week. One of the biggest events was that we launched our first sketchbook with @hetkunstenaarskind
– Only consume uplifting and helpfull content

Encounter those who have found a positive way to navigate through what’s happening in our world. And if you get lost…Check out the newest project of SHC. This Friday (May the 15th) we are launching the SHC membership. We help you build and expand your art brand. For that, we offer you our community, our support, special exposure projects and learnings & challenges. Click here to read more.

Much love,
Fleur Bravenboer

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