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Your Material, Sarah Kamp

Your material, Sarah Kamp

Sarah is an analogue collage artist and lives in Germany.


“Being an analogue collage artist, I mainly use scissors, glue and of course a lot of paper. The paper I use originates from old books, magazines, scraps I find somewhere, or anything else I can get hold of and collect.


I just love creating art with my hands. I like the feeling of paper, cutting, arranging, rearranging and seeing stories come to life. There is something very intuitive and exciting about it.


When I was looking for some kind of self expression, I was instinctively drawn to collage. Paper has always been an accessible medium and offers a variety of options. Rather than striving for perfection, I enjoy the imperfection, rawness and honesty of a handmade collage. Sometimes my desk becomes too small, because I often work on different collages simultaneously and I get absorbed by the process of creating, arranging paper scraps, expressing ideas. Sometimes I have to continue working on the floor. Being surrounded by my paper chaos makes it possible for coincidences to occur – an aspect of working analogously I really enjoy.


I discovered the diversity of paper and I am still discovering new ways of manipulating it. Also, I learned how a single scrap of paper can be inspiring, because it has a certain colour, shape or structure. I like the process of destruction and creation, i like to see how the material behaves when I tear it, what shapes appear, how pieces connect and become something completely autonomous. It fascinates me that browsing through my archive over again never gets boring. But I rather keep discovering and it seems to be a neverending source of inspiration.

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‘ Too often the focus is placed only on our outer. People look at you and judge you on your outside. Too often we are stamped for something we are not. That’s why some people are treated badly choose to slowly adjust to the average in order to not attract attention. That is why the hands in this picture hide the face. It means that one is open by closing one’s eyes. It’s about getting to know a person as she really is and not judging by the shell. The person in the picture merges with the background, because by closing the eyes, the person becomes one with surroundings. Closing the eyes is about, going inside and feel everything around you. Being connected and seeing and feel the world in a complete different way. So just try it. Close your eyes and feel your surrounding.’

‘God is in you. God is reflected within us and see us like the lady in the photograph. God gives you the ability to choose. All doors are open but you choose which one to enter and which door to leave.’ @ph.alexenso_art

‘I learned BaZi in Shanghai. BaZi is Chinese astrology. This system gives you the understanding of what your purpose is in live. I studied law, work in finance and business, but all was actually against my nature. It was not enough for me and there were a lot of restrictions. From the moment I dedicated myself 24 hours to art, something changed. I became so happy and saw ideas everywhere. Some people are born for a sports career or with a mathematical mindset, some want to become president or ballerina. I am an artist, I am sure. I wake up and the first thing I think about is what colour may be the solution of my current artwork.’’ @wittemannmarina ⠀

‘I am self-taught, I learn and I unlearn. I constantly elaborate, rethink and over-ride my thoughts. I focus on face and body expressions. I try to combine sabotage and tradition by mixing beauty and dreamy. I either find beauty in creation and destruction as long as they involve balance and harmony. The dreamy element is what allows me to alter the chemistry among those elements. I sabotage beauty through knotted lines and numb areas and I break its original state to get somewhere else. I shape the picture into something I don’t know confident of what I will find there: Grace.’ @LorenzoCapicchioni

‘Creativity means release. Release of the mysterious force that put us on this planet. Think about how absurd it is being on this floating planet and dancing to music. But we do it. It comes from a real inside of us. There is a biological explanation for everything and nowadays everything need to be proven. But once you peel off that first layer of revelations. We still remain under a blanket of magic and mystery. I have existential inquisitiveness every day – during my creative moments when I paint or when I am in the car driving. Just look around at this simultaneously harmonious and destructive force called humanity: beautiful and tragic.’ @tommasofattovich

‘I get satisfaction from creating an artwork that can communicate an elaborate story with as little lines as possible. I love drawing people so I can bring their characters to life. I love elegant characters with an attitude. The lady that has class and has no fear to show her personality.’ @antonia.s.harris

‘I love to produce art continually. This is the only way to get better. I love the feeling that I have finished the painting and when I receive feedback of others. My dream is to trigger, satisfy as many as people as possible.’ @draganantoni

‘I think that creativity develops over time, it is as if you trained it. I was not even half as creative as I am now. I had a hard time finding inspiration or an idea. But I found out – after breaking my head a lot of times – that I could train to be more receptive to a lot of stimuli around me. I am more attentive and can take things that interest me or suddenly arise analyze and process better. I develop everything in a faster and more intuitive way. By training myself, I developed my own creativity style and seek to different and look for my path.’ @raulalvarezpintura

‘Portraits. I find the human face very interesting. Faces are fascinating and insanely complex and they force me to look at them and study them. I admire the work of Egon Schiele. His lines are beautiful and expressive. You can make two kind of portraits. The portraits where you experience the soul of the person. And you have portraits like the Mona Lisa. Where you need to guess and the emotion is not clear. I prefer the Mona Lisa’s. Is she smiling? Does she look sad? What is she thinking about? I use those kind of portraits and make new image of it. I like to combine and add geometric shapes. It’s my aim to trigger your brain and mislead a little so start to think about the emotions of the portrait.’ @mariekedewin ⠀

‘I always loved painting. But when I decided, for the first time, to try and paint as an adult, I quickly felt like I was reconnecting with an old friend. It was a really powerful feeling. As a kid, I was mainly drawing with a black pencil. I did not enjoy paintings as much because of a lack of technique. The ah -ah moment came, as an adult, when I realized how much I enjoy handling materials: the brushes, the paint, the paper I use.’ @annabellemarquis_art

‘I was 6 years old when I was introduced to human anatomy. I am fascinated how our body was created and every part of ourselves has a function in order to work properly. And that everyone have them and needs them. My craft shows not only the outside appearance of my subject but also the nakedness of the subjects inner semblance. Be it an animal or a human being. And I always have this philosophy that everyone us, whether small or big, rich or poor, abled or disabled. In spite of our differences, We are all the same inside. We all share a beating heart, a functioning brain and a pair of breathing lungs, so why build a barrier?’ @luisemmanuelventuraartt

‘I create micro paper collages. I use images from various magazines, scalpels, scissors of ocular surgery and lenses. It’s precision work. I use always magazines that are going to discarded and use these to last much longer, as pieces of my work. For me is sustainability and recycling an un outstanding topic and makes a part of my personal living philosophy. My creations recovers images that would be forgotten with those discarded magazines. I recover the beauty of these magazines and transform each one of thousand image into art. I even created a word for my way of creating: METACYCLAGE.’ @gcominicolagens

‘I was tired of being sad about the things that happened around me. Try to stop yourself from crying. The image shows two drops up the principal face and a small girl ready to take and dry them. It means that the grey side of the face have to turns colored again. Life always changes and we must be ready to change with it and improve ourselves during our grey days. Because the colors wait for us around the corner.’ @its_jivlia

‘My art is based on original photos. When I am going to paint a picture that is not mine I always ask the maker of the original for permission. I try to be always direct, clear and specific in my questions. Most of the time I get permission. But sometimes I hear no and I am not afraid of hearing no. Because when you do not ask, you are already selecting no as an outcome.’ @hartmann.hugo

‘When entering new areas it always open your mind. During University I met a lot of people who have a different way of seeing art, of interacting and design in general. During classes they presented a problem and I was required to find the best solution. They way I would approach a problem was not necessarily the same as another classes mate. This allowed me to see that it is important to adapt to design. There is not one single way of looking at things or coming with a solution. The possibilities are endless.’ @theillustratedvibe

‘Can you imagine that I started with Mandala’s first? I can not. After taking classes, exploring and trying different styles. I fell in love with contemporary abstract art. I love colors, interesting shapes, patterns and rich textures. And it does not attempt to represent and accurate depiction of a visual reality. For this piece I used grey in this painting as a nutral background. The gold, yellow and red colors explode right out the grey center. It is for me like an explosion. I feel a lot of energy. Energy to paint and go with the flow. That feeling is so great, forgetting everything around you. It is almost an addiction.’ @dianneaalbers

‘Moving forward and knock on every possible door, one of them will open. I dreamed of having an exhibition but that seemed impossible until I started reaching out to galleries. Before I reached out I did research. Some of them might be lead by a certain type of art so should focus on your own style. After my research I sent emails. Emails work the best or just showing up. And again, patience is really important. Do not worry if they do not respond right away, you never know what one email can lead to.’ @valerijandre

‘I find every moment in life important. I am at the point in my life where I have become aware that every to do thing is a on going process. And in every moment there is love. Love is everything. Love – not just romatic – is the one thing that can make life greater. Love what you do. Love to what you suffer. Love to what you think. Love to what you see. Love what you spend your time. Love, in all its ways. Love every moment.’ @carlos_varillasjr

‘Body, spirituality and art. I believe that all three belong together. The body needs to be moving. Searching and moving to new things, and new topics. The mind gives us the opportunity to think, make chooses and get inspiration. Art and creativity helps against negativity. I want to show you all that the body and soul is beautiful. We are our own artists for our body and soul. Take good care of your body and your soul. Enjoy love, art and sports.’ @rezaartgallery

‘I create from a hunger deep within my soul. I need to feed it daily by doing something creative. It feels me up and I sleep better knowing I brought some beauty into this world. When you have an artistic mind you tend to find it everywhere in daily life. At this moment the Northern Baja (Mexico) is on fire! This devastating wild fires are being spread from the Santa Anan winds. My artistic mind found in this topic inspiration. I work on painting depicting clouds, smoke, mountain. I still try to depict these in a soft mystic way as I want my art to continue to be aware about what happened nowadays but most of all bring beauty into our world.’ @artistaunleashed

‘This sheep has various meanings to me. In Romanian, Miorita means young sheep. Miorita is also a title of a Romainian fold balled. Vasile Alecsandri wrote this song. He was a Moldovan poet, playwright, politician, and diplomat. And third, it means to me something that happened in the political scene, I think most of the ruling parties in my country are treating us like sheep. We just need to follow the herd. We do not count. But I think we should take action. And be not a humble sheep, but a brave sheep’. @cristiferkel

‘Blind contour drawing is an act of being present. The artist, the pencil and the object are the only three things that exist in the world. It won’t look perfect, yet that’s the best part. When I’m done and look down for the first time, I’ll see some features are completely inaccurate. However, other parts will have some strange bit of realistic detail that otherwise wouldn’t have been captured if I was looking. This technique teaches the importance of not being in control. To be flexible with yourself is to honor yourself and the same goes for your art and your life’. @cleaux__

‘I had just 2 weeks ago goosebumps. I created a wall painting for a great office. And it was a huge one! I had complete freedom and could go completely free with colors and figures. I really enjoyed, and everything came together. As icing on the cake, the client was satisfied! It makes me really happy to share my creativity.’ @royvalentijnart

Elementor #635

‘Painting is like telling myself my own secrets. Even the ones I don’t even know about. This is kind of thrilling. During my night sleep I often dreamed about an abandoned house. In this dream I explore the house. The house is deep ocher color. I remember feeling excited and knowing that the house was full of ghosts. I was able to almost touch one. Via my creativity, I am trying to explore my subconscious, I guess, my own ghosts. I need to ‘electrify’ my head and my body. I need to feel I am discovering some kind of deep mystery, just like a researcher in his lab. And I stopped dreaming about this house the day I understood what it was. The inner world is where all the secrets are hidden, I know that now. This is not just a ‘usual’ affirmation, this is the key to all doors.’ @Olympe_Elshoura

’Everyone has their own inspiration sources. The most common are nature, people, logic, picture, interpersonal bodily and music. For me personally is it: nature and people. In the weekends I visit my little garden house and take the time to make drawings. During these weekends I am conscious about the fact that I receive more inspiration but does not mean that I over control it. You can’t have control over your inspiration but you can stimulate your inspiration by being surrounded by your styles. And second, people. Like the print of this post. I was browsing through fashion magazines. I saw an image of an old man that was fragmented and really liked that effect. So cool how this works.’ @nannykok1702