Annalie van Doorn


During my travels I had the honor to meet so many beautiful human beings. The people of Otavalo, Ecuador led to the inspiration and creaton of my new artwork. These people still live their lives through many years of old traditions. They keep passing them on to the next and the next. Even though modern society keeps knocking on their doors. It’s their spirits who guide them together with the history of their ancestors. It is also all they have. We might think it’s not much, but trust me these people do have it all. 

These traditional textile makers are one of my biggest inspirations. I want to become a part of making sure these souls won’t be forgotten. Not only their works of art but especially their way of living. Their wisdom of the earth and their simplicity in life. We can all learn so much from that. I want to remind the world of what is already there, and has been for a very long time. I still need to figure out how to become a big part of this. But is all starts here by telling my story. Their story.

Much love,

Annalie van Doorn

Only 50 pieces, Notebook, A5, lined

The Notebook

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By beeing a part of this you are enabling that the story of textile makers from Ecuador are told to the world, which is something to cherish and learn from.


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