Sharing art to inspire, empower and connect


About Share Human Creativity

How we emerged

Share Human Creativity (SHC) has emerged in late 2019 with the idea to share stories behind the artwork to inspire, empower and connect.

We believe that every art creator has to share their story, their work and the story behind their work. If you are an artist, you have to show who you are and share what you create. It is a loss when talented artists create, but not share their creation and their story. Some may think that their experiences or artworks are not impressive enough, but this is something that anyone else may not think about you.

These thoughts led to the creation of SHC. From there, it became our mission to help artists reach their full potential and find a way to realise their creative dreams. We do this by creating blogs, developing online courses, hosting live webinars, setting up collaboration projects, sharing artworks and interviewing artists.

The team

Fleur Bravenboer


Dennis Weijers


Roos Veenendaal


What we do

To give you a complete idea of what SHC does, feel free to check out the following:

Community: our Instagram, where the submissions we receive (selection of strongest works) are posted.

Stories: collaboration with different artists who share insights about their creative process, materials, tools used to create an artwork and how their workplace is like.

• Academy: an online learning environment for artists that want to grow in their career. Filled with a collection of different learning possibilities, ranging from blogs to online courses and live webinars.

Fleur Bravenboer is the founder of SHC who is responsible for everything you see and read on She is also responsible for all social media channels.

Do you happen to have (technical) questions, comments or suggestions? Feel free to reach out to Fleur via We aim to get back to you as quickly as possible!