‘Painting is like telling myself my own secrets. Even the ones I don’t even know about. This is kind of thrilling. During my night sleep I often dreamed about an abandoned house. In this dream I explore the house. The house is deep ocher color. I remember feeling excited and knowing that the house was full of ghosts. I was able to almost touch one. Via my creativity, I am trying to explore my subconscious, I guess, my own ghosts. I need to ‘electrify’ my head and my body. I need to feel I am discovering some kind of deep mystery, just like a researcher in his lab. And I stopped dreaming about this house the day I understood what it was. The inner world is where all the secrets are hidden, I know that now. This is not just a ‘usual’ affirmation, this is the key to all doors.’ @Olympe_Elshoura